4 easy to implement workplace wellbeing initiatives

Workplace wellbeing initiatives aren’t just a ‘perk’ to include on job ads or the careers section of your website. Initiatives that actually bolster employee wellbeing have the power to boost organisation morale, employee productivity and reduces stress. These initiatives are often the cornerstone of a thriving workplace culture.

But they don’t have to be costly, or difficult to implement — there are simple activations you can make a part of your businesses fabric that will have a great impact on your employees state of mind. Here are our suggestions of simple, effective ways to help your employees to be well beings.

Redefine what a ‘career move’ looks like

It’s so important for individuals to have a sense of purpose, the right level of challenge and joy in their jobs. The search for this however, may not always be ‘up’. Everyone has their own career ‘why’ and promotion and more responsibility isn’t always aligned to someones goals.

Encouraging a reshaping of what career success looks like in your organisation, and celebrating horizontal career moves, can mean increased employee satisfaction, roles that align more with their ‘why’ and it may mean holding onto great employees for longer.

Provide training on ‘how to human’ (life skills)

Life does not stop the minute we walk in the office door, or switch on our laptop — the two worlds are deeply intertwined. The stresses we feel in our personal life inevitably spill over into our work day, so providing employees with opportunities to learn and grow as humans will benefit your organisation in the long run.

Offering training or workshops on a variety of life skills training can enhance employees personal and professional development — from stress management, to financial literacy, better relationships, cooking, health and fitness to leadership development, the options are endless.

Offer ways to feel fulfilled outside of work

Volunteering initiatives foster a sense of purpose and fulfilment among employees, as they engage in meaningful activities that contribute to the betterment of their community. This sense of purpose can lead to increased job satisfaction and overall happiness in the workplace.

Volunteering also provides an opportunity for employees to connect with each other outside of their regular work environment, fostering stronger relationships and a sense of camaraderie. They will be gaining new skills and experience, while taking a break from work pressures.

Introduce an office pet

Having an office pet can be a wonderful addition to any workplace. Research time and time again shows us that not only do pets reduce stress levels and boost morale, but they also encourage social interaction among colleagues and can even increase productivity.

Their presence promotes a positive work environment, fostering a sense of community and enhancing company culture. Whether employees take it in turns brining in their beloved furry friends, or you engage a therapy dog service that brings pooches to you — this initiative will be sure to bring smiles all ‘round.