Quarter time, what’s in store for Q2?

As we bid farewell the first quarter of the year, we move into the traditional “busy season” for recruitment. The months between April and September when hiring is typically more active. But what can we gauge from the start of the year as a sign of what’s to come?

January began optimistically, despite the seasonal increase in unemployment, with the headline rate rising to 4.1%. Within accountancy and finance the mood was more buoyant, as the lay-offs of 2023 were seen to be behind us. Candidate sentiment was noticeably more positive, leading to a busier than expected start to the year.

As we entered February, market sentiment took a more cautious turn. The realities of challenging trading conditions hit home as a number of high-profile organisations entered administration. Godfreys and the Melbourne Rebels among those making the headlines for the wrong reasons.

The overall impact, from a recruitment perspective, was hiring processes becoming increasingly more cumbersome. Additional interview stages were put in place, more approvals were required and a tighter view on salary bandings lead to the slow-down.

March was a much busier month, particularly for contracting, as many of our clients sought out alternative ways to solve their resourcing headaches. Budgets are now well underway for many of our clients. Strict deadlines and limited resources internally have made interim hiring an attractive option.

So what’s next for the remainder of the year?

April to September or “Q2 & Q3” in recruitment speak, are typically the busy months. Budgets are re-set, headcount needs are established and year-end kicks off for Finance teams and auditors alike. With anticipated interest rate cuts later in the year, consumer and business confidence should return making hiring a more straightforward proposition.

With a strong March behind us, the team at Atlas Partners are looking forward to an active April with more hiring to come as the year progresses.

Liam Killen
Director, Atlas Partners

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