Contract recruitment — Flexible workforce solutions

In a world where employers and employees alike prioritise flexibility and seek out alternatives to ‘traditional ways of working’, contract recruitment offers a fantastic solution.

Whether your business is preparing for ‘busy-season’, looking to cover a long term leave position, or wanting to trial a new role without committing a long term salary — contractors offer a sensible and flexible addition to any workforce, small or large.

Situations for contract recruitment

  • Long term leave cover
  • Parental leave cover
  • During major projects
  • During times of high growth
  • For immediate hire needs

Benefits of contract recruitment

Reduced labour costs

Contract staff provide you the opportunity to hire a role without committing to a long-term permanent salary or increasing your headcount. Contractors work on an hourly or day-rate, with their time invoiced on a weekly basis.

Shorter hiring process

The process for hiring and onboarding a contractor is generally a lot faster than permanent roles, as the talent is already active in the market and ready to start quickly, if not immediately.

Instant impact

Contractors often come with years of experience and specialist expertise, so they are ready to hit the ground running. This allows them to instantly alleviate individuals and teams stressed and under pressure.


Hiring contractors allows you to be flexible, meaning you can respond to market needs, move with busy and low seasons, even test roles for company structure fit before committing to a permanent fixture.

Fresh perspectives

Sometimes all it takes is someone outside the business to step in and create a change — for the better. Hiring outside of your normal structure opens the door for fresh perspectives and new solutions.

Contract recruitment hiring process

  1. Identify your recruitment needs, including role specialisation, duration of time role is needed for, employment preferences (remote/in-office, how many days per week) and let us know.
  2. Atlas Partners has relationships with fantastic contractors already in market — we’ll provide you with a shortlist of candidates based on your needs within 24hours.
  3. You will meet with and interview your selected candidates (either in-person or via video call) to ensure your selected contractor is the right fit for your role requirement and business needs.
  4. Atlas Partners produces the required paperwork, onboarding the contractor to our weekly timesheet system. The client receives a contractor schedule and access to our timesheet approval system.
  5. Atlas Partners pays the contractor directly and on-charges you with a weekly invoice, covering their timesheet approved hours.

With an active database of contracting talent ready to ‘hit-the-ground-running’, the team at Atlas Partners are here to help with your hiring needs. Chat to us about how Contractors could fit into your recruitment strategy.