Pathways Episode 4: Mandalena Millaras & Jesse Agbinya 

In the fourth episode of Pathways, Atlas Partners’ Consultant, Mandalena Millaras, engages in a captivating conversation with Jesse Agbinya, Head of Finance at the Australian Financial Complaints Authority. Jesse takes us through his career journey, transitioning from practice to industry, and sheds light on the importance of mentorship in his professional life.

The discussion begins with an exploration of Jesse’s current position and the unique experience of working at the Australian Financial Complaints Authority. Next, Jesse shares his personal journey from practice to industry, offering valuable insights and guidance for accountants contemplating a similar transition. He provides a glimpse into what to expect in the industry and shares practical advice for aspiring professionals. Finally, Jesse emphasizes the significance of mentorship in shaping his professional growth and success.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Jesse’s story, make sure to watch the full Episode 4 of the Pathways series in the video below.