Morning Meetup with Lucinda Hartley

For our highly anticipated fourth Morning Meetup, we had the privilege of hosting renowned urban designer and TedXMelbourne speaker, Lucinda Hartley. Lucinda’s expertise and insights have made her a leading voice in addressing crucial questions that shape the modern world.

Drawing upon her extensive experience, Lucinda delved into the fundamental aspects of how we live, work, connect, and build community. Her thought-provoking discussion provided invaluable perspectives on urban design and its impact on our daily lives. As an award-winning urban designer, Lucinda has dedicated her career to creating innovative and sustainable spaces that foster strong communities. Her expertise and passion for transforming urban environments have earned her recognition and admiration from industry peers. 

We are grateful to Lucinda Hartley for sharing her knowledge and engaging our audience in a meaningful conversation. Her contribution to our Morning Meetup series exemplifies our commitment to bringing insightful discussions that resonate with professionals in the Accountancy and Financial Services sectors.

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