Morning Meetup with Topaz McAuliffe

We had the privilege of hosting Topaz McAuliffe, Founder and CEO of 15 Times Better, at our Q2, 2023 Morning Meetup. This event provided a unique opportunity to explore the significance of incorporating First Nations representation in corporate Australia. Topaz’s insights were thought-provoking, emphasising the importance of setting genuine intentions and asking ourselves the fundamental question of “why”? 

During the meetup, Topaz shared valuable perspectives on how organisations can enhance First Nations representation in the workplace and develop effective recruitment strategies to attract diverse talent. If you are eager to create a work environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued, visit 15 Times Better today. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming Morning Meetups, where we continue to bring together industry leaders and experts who contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding important topics in the Accountancy and Financial Services sectors. If you would like to join us at our next Morning Meetup, please contact our events coordinator at to sign up to our mailing list.